Legion has David’s intentions begin to unravel in ‘Chapter 16’


It’s beginning to become increasingly unclear who the good guys are on Legion.

“Chapter 16” is the first time it feels like David is portrayed as the villain. Knowing Legion, this change of pace is meant to confuse the audience as the season winds down. It isn’t a bad thing, last year proved the show likes to unravel everything before piecing it back together in the final episodes.

Naturally, David is still dedicated to taking down Farouk after Amy’s death. It’s interesting Future Syd chose not to warn him of Amy’s impending demise considering it’s the only major qualm he’s had with the Shadow King recently. If David’s sister had survived, then maybe he would still be working alongside Farouk.

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Unless this has been Future Syd’s plan all along throughout this season of Legion. It isn’t a far reach to imagine this version of the character is using David to actually manipulate her past self. “Chapter 16” shows some seeds of discord between the present day David and Syd when the latter begins to question his sanity.

The problem is, trying to distinguish whether Syd really doubts David or if she’s just saying that. Legion has spent a majority of this season with their characters hiding behind various intentions. Throughout these past episodes, David has switched sides so many times, not even Syd can keep up with who they’re helping.

However, Legion seems to have pulled the trigger on Lenny officially breaking her allegiance to the Shadow King. She has a particularly moving scene with David where she admits to being unsure whether this is all real. He’s the only person who can relate to that uncertainty, considering he spends most of his time worried about the same thing. Her escape at the end promises a life outside of all this craziness, but it’s only a matter of time before she comes back to help David.

Meanwhile, Oliver is still stuck doing Farouk’s bidding in Legion. Yet, the odd couple is getting closer to finding the villain’s body. Since the beginning, it’s been clear Farouk’s power easily matches David’s, but it’s unclear what the body will do to help him. Both of them are so close to finding it and the assumption is it will allow one of them to kill the other.

What’s interesting is how devoted the Summerland crew is to David. Ptonomy learns in “Chapter 16” his friend has basically been lying to them since the beginning. Yet he still chooses to hack one of the androids to let David know where Farouk’s body is. Even Melanie seems like she’ll defend David despite her current mental state.

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Where is Legion planning to go from here? It’s unclear, but that seems to be the way the show wants it right now. Next week it looks like the episode will be following Lenny on her freedom trip with Amy as her new conscience. Could there be a more exciting partnership?