Killing Eve season one finale recap: ‘God, I’m Tired’


Killing Eve wraps its fantastic debut season with a jaw-dropping finale.

“God, I’m Tired” feels like the perfect encapsulation of these past eight episodes. Killing Eve brings out the best in its characters, teaming up Eve with Konstantin and Villanelle with the latter’s daughter. While the show holds some mysteries for next season, the explosive ending is bound to keep viewers desperate for new episodes.

The episode picks up with Villanelle on the run with Konstantin’s daughter, Irina. Honestly, the two are fantastic together and it would have been amusing to see the assassin adopt a protegé. Considering she has the emotional maturity of a ten-year-old, it makes sense to see the two fight like petty siblings throughout “God, I’m Tired”.

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However, Eve is on a warpath after her and Kenny discover Carolyn’s involvement in all of this. He’s a bit more hesitant about confronting his mother, but Eve wants answers. Unfortunately, that will have to wait because Konstantin is in the middle of asking for help with his daughter. It’ll be a cruel twist of fate if Carolyn is involved with the hit on his life. Nevertheless, Killing Eve assembles its group of heroes for the first season.

The team-up allows Eve to probe Konstantin for answers while the two search for Villanelle. He’s drunk and sloppy, revealing where his gun is hidden. Yet, Eve is more interested in how he knows where Ana lives without her giving directions. He doesn’t seem to care though since he knows she’s been onto him since the beginning. Konstantin knows he’s living on borrowed time, all he wants is to get his daughter back.

Irina actually seems to be having fun throughout Killing Eve‘s finale, as she gleefully trades barbs with Villanelle. The two try to outsmart the other with their use of languages which feels like two sisters bickering. Eventually, they make their way to Ana’s house after Villanelle uses the girl as a distraction. The ex-lovers have an interesting dynamic, with Ana immediately acting maternal to the assassin. Meanwhile, Villanelle reveals the two were having an affair despite Ana’s earlier insistence they weren’t.

Killing Eve always manages to be surprising, and the long-awaited reunion between Villanelle and Ana is just that. When Ana pulls a gun, the assassin doesn’t even flinch. Irina doesn’t even care and she lazily hangs out on the couch as the two have guns pointed at the other. Villanelle is confident Ana isn’t able to kill her and she’s right. Instead, Ana chooses to kill herself, thus denying Villanelle the satisfaction of doing so.

It doesn’t take long for Eve and Konstantin to catch up with their target after that. At a fancy restaurant, Villanelle pulls a gun on Irina and asks Konstantin to pick his favorite. It’s clear Irina is the answer, but he’s become so good at lying. He offers a smile and a nod, which only seems to break Villanelle’s heart more. Jodie Comer has been fantastic all season, but in “God, I’m Tired” it’s easy to see the despair underneath her smiles.

Alas, Killing Eve kills off Konstantin, but at least his daughter gets to survive. From there, Carolyn shuts down the London office leaving Eve and Kenny without a job. There’s no doubt the two will continue their investigation, especially after Eve’s trip to Paris.

Turns out, The Twelve has been keeping tabs on Villanelle through her elderly neighbor. She happily spills the beans to Eve and hands her a key to enter the apartment. Sandra Oh gets her chance to shine as well when she ends up trashing Villanelle’s apartment. It seems like all of her frustrations have just bubbled up and finally come to the surface.

Of course, Villanelle has no problem with the mess and she happily asks if Eve threw herself a party. The two lie on the bed where Eve admits she’s never done anything like this before. For the first time, it looks like Villanelle might have shed her mask to be vulnerable with another human being.

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Finally, Killing Eve ends its season with the most jaw-dropping cliffhanger: Eve fatally stabs Villanelle! While she immediately regrets it, the damage has been done. Villanelle slips out the door, and her neighbor neutrally tells Eve that she’s gone. Gone where? That will be an answer for next season. Nonetheless, this underrated hit solidified itself as the best new show of 2018, and thankfully it will be back for another season.