Will Rosario Dawson return to Marvel’s Netflix Universe?


Rosario Dawson might be retiring from Marvel’s Netflix Universe after Luke Cage season two.

From the debut of Daredevil, Rosario Dawson has been the link throughout the Marvel Universe on Netflix. Appearing on every show (except The Punisher) her character helps unite the heroes to form the Defenders. However, it sounds like Claire Temple might finally be hanging up her scrubs after Luke Cage airs.

ScreenGeek reported from MCM Comic Con in London that Dawson spoke about the possibility of returning as Claire. While she doesn’t seem against a return, it seems like it might be a long shot.

"“I don’t know if I’ll be back after this, to be honest, but it’s been an amazing few years. I’ve been on a lot of different shows. I mean, I don’t know if maybe they do a third season of Luke Cage potentially, or maybe if they figure out some kind of way for me to be on The Punisher – just so I can feel like I’ve done every show. But it’s been like, my daughter is in high school, so I kinda wanna not be 3,000 miles away for work.”More from Marvel5 Female Marvel characters we want to see return to the MCUDisney Plus: Why Moon Knight season 2 needs to happenThe Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun MCU role has been confirmedWhich franchise would Ke Huy Quan like to join next?Disney Plus Loki season 2, episode 6 recap “Glorious Purpose”"

Her trepidation makes sense, the Marvel shows have notoriously long shoots to deal with. Considering the actress lives in Los Angeles, it means a lot of time away from her family while the show shoots in New York.

However, if Luke Cage gets another season, it seems like Rosario Dawson is open to a return. She lives in Harlem and could still run a clinic there without being forced to take on a central role. Considering she talks about the possibility of returning, it seems unlikely her character will be killed off this season.

Yet, it’s possible Claire and Luke break up, allowing her character to take on less of a central role for a potential third season. It would also open the door for the fan-favorite couple, Jessica and Luke, to rekindle their relationship.  The two are married with a daughter in the comics, so it would make sense for Marvel to go this route.

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If Rosario Dawson is bowing out of the Marvel Universe, it would be nice for her to make a final appearance on Daredevil. If the series does follow a “Born Again” storyline, then Matt’s world is about to become even darker. It would make sense for him to seek out one of his few remaining friends for support.

In the meantime, be sure to watch Luke Cage season two when it debuts on Netflix this June.