13 Reasons Why season 2 finale: ‘Bye’

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Photo Credit: Netflix

3. The moment of truth for Bryce and Justin.
After that emotional moment by the female cast members, we learn that Bryce essentially got away with his crime. He skates by with three months’ probation. The judge’s justification for such light sentencing is that Bryce lost so much already. No more scholarships and no baseball championship since the school canceled the season. I just shake my head. BRYCE IS NOT A VICTIM. And the justice system failing Jessica here is just disgusting.

What is also ridiculous is the fact that Justin gets six months’ probation and the court won’t release him because they can’t find his mother. This shows another way the justice system fails the less fortunate. He didn’t rape anyone, yet he gets a worse punishment.

4. Mrs. Jensen quits her job.
I think Mrs. Jensen quit her job because she had a come-to-Jesus moment with her life. Her firm fought dirty during the trial, so, maybe she didn’t want to be a part of it anymore. She also recognized she needed to be there for her son and quitting would help repair their relationship.

Mrs. Jensen tells Clay she is working on getting Justin released in 13 Reasons Why. She will now work with the Baker’s attorney, Dennis, to help kids like Justin and sexual assault survivors.

5. Anthony Rapp plays a priest.
Musical theater geeks (like myself) received a pleasant surprise when Anthony Rapp made a cameo as a priest. I literally screamed, “OMG it’s Mark [from Rent]!” I think the casting wasn’t by accident. Rapp is the first person to come forward to speak about his sexual abuse by Kevin Spacey.

Rapp played a priest who would oversee Hannah’s service. They waited to hold the service because they were ashamed. Some churches even turned them away for the way Hannah died. But Rapp’s character told them that “one act doesn’t define one’s life.”