13 Reasons Why season 2 finale: ‘Bye’

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8. The Jensens want to adopt Justin.
Mrs. Jensen helps Justin get released from jail but into their protective custody. Clay approaches Justin with the idea of them adopting him so that he can live with them and finish school at Liberty High School. It’s a touching moment between the two unlikely friends. Deep down, Justin is a sweet boy, and it makes sense for him to connect with the sensitive Clay.

While the two boys talk at the window of Monet’s, we see Meth Seth watching them from the car. Remember, Justin stole a lot of money from him, and he’s pissed. I’m sure this storyline will come back around again next season.

And just when we think Justin is turning a new leaf, we see him shoot up heroin into his foot in front of a hallucination of little kid Justin we saw in the last episode. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

9. Almost everyone has fun at the dance.
Alex, with a newly cut ‘do showing off his scar, is now dating Jess. Tony goes with Caleb, and Courtney has a new girlfriend. Everyone seems to be having fun in 13 Reasons Why. That is until the song “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron plays. Clay transports back to the night he danced with Hannah last year at the same dance. A feeling of despair washes over him. But his friends, who hear the song and know the significance of it, find him and are there for him at that moment so that it hurts a little less for him.

On a side note, Bryce is there. Why would the school allow this criminal to attend a school function? Because the school is clueless and rewards rapists, I guess.