Archer review: ‘Strange Doings in Taboo Grove’

ARCHER -- " Bel Panto: Part I "-- Episode 705 (Airs Thursday, April 28, 10:00pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Sterling Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin), Pam Poovey (voice of Amber Nash), Cyril Figgis (voice of Chris Parnell), Ray Gillette (voice of Adam Reed). CR: FX
ARCHER -- " Bel Panto: Part I "-- Episode 705 (Airs Thursday, April 28, 10:00pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Sterling Archer (voice of H. Jon Benjamin), Pam Poovey (voice of Amber Nash), Cyril Figgis (voice of Chris Parnell), Ray Gillette (voice of Adam Reed). CR: FX /

It should be no surprise that Archer is back in a muddled and dire situation with only Pam to help him to safety. In “Strange Doings in Taboo Grove”, Archer and Pam crash deep into the jungle in their quest for the Idol of Danger Island.

Archer has crashed more planes than marriages this season, and in “Strange Doings in Taboo Grove”, the opening is him again back at the controls of a crippled plane. The patchwork machine is barely airworthy and has a time limit for functional operation shorter than a sober Archer. With another crash landing, after several in the last few episodes, this weeks’ episode set the chess board for the season’s run-in.

Archer and Pam have become best friends over the years. In this coma induced alter-state, he is finally exploring the common themes of their adventures. Well, fans are getting more examples of Archer being bailed out of a bind by Pam’s variety of skills. He is subconsciously reconnoitering his fascinating emotional complexities regarding Pam.

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Pam can fight, cook, and clean up. If she wore a dress more often her colossal amounts of cleavage might attract a handsome fellow. Pam can drift around the tightest corners and is an ace gunner pilot, though he failed again to give her recognition.

This week, he finally saw Pam as the best associate and comrade, or whatever vocabulary the time and setting calls for, that Archer could ever have. Pam also realizes that he is the only person who she can impress with a multitude of talents. If not impressed, no one actually cares that she complains so much, and she can actually use her skills anyways.

She may need to be more realistic about her weight though. She pulls more than her fair share in the adventures, but even Crackers is scared to mention the literal weight. Archer and Crackers know that some subjects should be left untouched. A fully equipped and caring Pam will be needed to get the idol out of this jungle.

The crescendo of Danger Island is moving towards the climax as the groups of characters now all journey towards Premonition Point Inlet Bay. Malorie trying to hold control and lead on the convoy. Malorie seeking Archer. Archer seeking fortune. The rest of the Danger Island season of Archer will track this excursion.

It is not just Malorie hunting down Archer. The Germans have left the Italian to suffer under the weight of their work. Even Howler monkeys, which are indigenous to everywhere apparently are throwing their coconuts into the mix. The monkeys even have a faction holding down service jobs in Paris, France, Europe. It is okay to shoot them though.

While this season is going further into the coma dreamland than ever, it still has the great Archer moments. Seeing the characters in parsed down environments and isolated to small groups (Archer/Crackers/Pam) has enhanced the callbacks and dynamic references available. This has given these wonderful characters even more depth and cohesion in the chaos.

From Kansas City to Carolina the humor is still deliciously dark and sinister. Niceties were never the meat on the Archer bone. No telling what part of the meal really, only an asshole would propose otherwise.

He admits Pam is the only person he does not hate to be around. This season of Archer is different and has taken some liberties with historical references. Fans likely will not find out who his  real dad is this season.

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As Pam and Archer ended last week’s episode there were looking up at a group of tribal natives with stern looks on their faces. Will they make new acquaintances to help them navigate the jungle or have yet another group to defeat? Will Cheryl will find those oysters, where ever an oyster shack might decide to open up shop on the island? To find out watch Archer on FX Wednesday’s at 9 PM EST.