Uma Thurman will star in Netflix’s new supernatural drama Chambers


Uma Thurman will star in the new supernatural drama “Chambers” for Netflix, according to Deadline.

The series centers on a heart attack survivor whose life is saved by a heart transplant. She becomes curious about the heart that saved her life and the sudden death of her donor.

But as she discovers more about the donor, she begins to take on her personality traits, some of which turn out to be quite disturbing.

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Uma Thurman will take on the role of Nancy, the donor’s mother. Nancy cautiously bonds with the transplant recipient, while slowly discovering her daughter may not really be gone.

The hour-long original series has received a 10-episode order. The showrunners will be Leah Rachel, who created and wrote the show, and Akela Cooper. Stephen Gaghan will executive produce along with Super Deluxe’s Wolfgang Hammer and Winnie Kemp.

Thurman is perhaps best known for her roles in Quentin Tarantino’s films Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2 and Pulp Fiction, for which she received an Oscar nomination. In 2003 she won a Golden Globe for the TV movie Hysterical Blindness. She also has several other TV credits to her name, including the series Imposters and The Slap.

Gaghan is well-known for his writing and directing credits. He wrote movies including Syriana and Traffic, and TV shows including American Gothic and The Practice.

The Motley Fool recently reported that Netflix surpassed Comcast and Disney to become the most valuable American entertainment company. One of the reasons for Netflix’s success is its ability to draw top talent like Thurman and Gaghan to its original series.

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