Vida episode 4 recap: they create drama for a living

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The Johnny Depp-ish Party Guy

Episode 4 shows Lyn hard at work, apparently as a party girl. You see, after her shopping spree and taking photos by a trendy “Instawall,” some Johnny Depp-wannabe approaches her with a party invite. Of course, by a certain point, he says something like, “It’s sexy how you guys roll your r’s.” Obviously, it’s supposed to be an offensive line, and it’s intended to showcase how Lyn is a “sellout whitina” (as Marisol, another Vida character, would say).

At the pool party, someone also compliments Lyn’s thicker eyebrows, which is also potentially offensive. Then, of course, there is a Mexican maid named Aurora (Laura Patalano), who is tasked with cleaning up some frat boy’s puke. Basically, it’s implied that the Johnny Depp guy is probably just a spoiled brat — hanging out with other culturally insensitive, privileged-by-birth white people, and everyone else is just a curiosity.

Such people certainly exist, but one wonders if any other types of white people exist, too. For example, have any white people ever worked factory jobs or as janitors? In the world of “Vida,” they seem to basically just get paid to party. Maybe they’ll work in a coffee shop or something, but odds are they’ll be a well-off Johnny Depp clone, hosting pool parties with beautiful trophy women and assorted frat boys. You know, the usual.

Marisol Confronts Tlaloc/ Works a Bit / Does More Spray Painting

In episode 3, the activist/male pig Tlaloc (Ramses Jimenez) recorded sexual activity with Marisol (Chelsea Rendon), without her permission. Here she confronts him about it, looking very much broken-hearted. In the process, Tlaloc actually says the words, “Hella serious” — as in, “I’m hella serious that I didn’t mean to share the video I recorded, which somehow magically got around for others to see.” The moral of the story? Don’t think someone’s serious if they use terms like “Hella serious.” Also, don’t have sex with men, ever. They will betray you at every turn, and lie about it. Also, if they puke at a pool party, they’ll expect a servant to clean it up. Men are trash, pure and simple. Vida has spoken.

Moving on, it turns out that Marisol has a job, which she works at for a bit. Then she goes out to spray paint on Emma & Lyn’s family bar. Why? Apparently, having instantly regrettable sex with male pigs and doing random graffiti will change the world…or something.

What Does This Episode Accomplish?

Episode 4 shows that, to some degree, some of Vida‘s characters actually work. Still, they don’t spend much time working, and it doesn’t typically figure into the stories much. What else? Lyn likes to shop. Emma is still a lesbian. White guys trying to look like Johnny Depp sometimes to attract women, and it can work — with the right Johnny Depp hats and accessories. Emma is still a lesbian.

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It’s also further established that everything is an issue, so don’t talk to people if you know what’s good for you. Oh, and men should basically just stop. Seriously, you’re not getting away with it.

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