Is Locke and Key coming to Netflix?


Has the Locke and Key adaptation finally found a home on Netflix?

Joe Hill’s comic Locke and Key has been on a long road from print to screen, the incredible series has been picked up and dropped multiple times. Full scripts written, pilots made, but for one reason or another it never quite makes it to the finish. The question is, is the third time the charm for Joe Hill’s Locke and Key?

For those unfamiliar with the story, it revolves around three kids, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke, who are relocated to Keyhouse; in Lovecraft, Massachusetts after the death of their father. The family manor is filled with magic, mystery, and horror, all rotating around a set of demon keys. These keys give the holder powers, both miraculous and macabre.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is in negotiations to acquire Locke and Key, and previous keeper of the keys, Hulu’s showrunner Carlton Cuse, along with it.

Hulu had both scripted and shot the pilot, but their newest CEO, Randy Freer, decided to squash the endeavor, regardless of it being green-lit by experienced chief content officer Joel Stillerman, who recognized The Walking Dead for the programming powerhouse that it is.

According to the article, the series will be starting with yet another clean slate, new cast, new crew, save for Cuse, who will head up filming again, with the help of content creator, Joe Hill at his side.

As a big fangirl of the horror comic, I’d be really pleased if Netflix picks it up, the streaming site tends to give its writers and directors more creative control than other networks, but also as a fan, I’m not sure I should hold my breath till a premiere.

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Like a kid who’s been promised the keys to the Magic Kingdom multiple times, but never actually seen the gate, it’s hard holding out hope. Though, as chances go, I think Netflix is Locke and Key’s best bet for finally seeing the light of day.

I’ll be keeping my ears perked and eyes peeled for all the latest in Locke and Key news, so check back with us often here at Show Snob.

In the meantime, who would be your dream casting? Let us know by commenting below!