Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4, Part 1 recaps and review

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Recap of Episode 2: Kimmy Has a Weekend!

Kimmy learns about binge-watching. Titus explains the Al-Gore-rhythm to Kimmy, the helpful recommendations for what to watch next while binging. This leads them down a rabbit-hole of true crime movies.

Jacqueline and Lillian scheme to get Jacqueline’s apartment back from her sub-letter, who turns out to be a rich idiot. Jacqueline convinces him she should represent him as an actor.

She shows him off at a party. His talent is irrelevant because he’s rich and white. Jacqueline finds him a job in L.A. for the next day.

At a nail salon, Kimmy realizes the Asian workers “have kind of a bunker vibe.” But Titus tells her she can’t understand their lives because of white privilege. Kimmy points out that she knows hardship given her 15 years in the bunker. Titus shows her that it doesn’t matter what she’s been through, the world sees her as a privileged white person.

Back at home, Kimmy and Titus start to watch a documentary recommended the Al-Gore-rhythm. It’s called Party Monster and is about DJ Slizzard. Something about that DJ looks familiar…

Best line:

Titus: “Girl, you need to stop, drop, and roll. By which I mean stop talking, drop the subject, and go get me a cinnamon roll.”


Recap of Episode 3: Party Monster: Scratching the Surface

The entire episode is the documentary Party Monster. It chronicles DJ FIngablast’s (Derek Klena) investigation into what’s become of his inspiration, DJ Slizzard, who just happens to be Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm), Kimmy’s captor.

The episode is a parody of the popular true-crime documentary genre.

By the end of the episode, FIngablast, Wayne, and men’s rights activist, Fran Dodd (Bobby Moynihan) come together to rant about the evil of women. Their lives would be so much easier if women weren’t able to make decisions.

It’s “Directed & Everything by DJ Fingablast” and it’s idiotic, and not nearly as funny as the writers seem to think it is. More on that later.