Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4, Part 1 recaps and review

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Recap of Episode 4: Kimmy Disrupts the Paradigm!

Kimmy’s understandably upset after watching the documentary about DJ Slizzard. She has to go to a tech conference in Pittsburgh for work, which Lillian convinces her will be fun and take her mind off things.

Jacqueline makes Titus go to an audition for an acting troop called Choices Matter, which performs at school assemblies. The audition goes well but instead of the jock role he was trying out for, the director is interested in him for the role of the nerd. Titus is outraged.

In Pittsburgh, Kimmy meets a man, Danford (Drew Gehling), who, like Kimmy, isn’t into all the tech stuff at the conference. When the couple go dancing, the DJ recognizes Kimmy from Party Monster as DJ Slizzard’s wife. Kimmy flees.

In New York, Jacqueline convinces Titus that as an actor he should be able to play against type. So Titus decides to research nerds for his Choices Matter role. The office of Giztoob gives him the perfect outlet.

He shadows an unsuspecting Giztoob employee. The employee explains that he grew up in a small town in the South but came to New York because he never felt like he belonged.

Titus thinks the man is describing him, after all, that’s Titus’s story too. And just like Titus the man has a roommate and likes Broadway musicals. Titus is flabbergasted: Nerds are just like him!

At the conference, Danford finds Kimmy. He confesses that he’s married too, so he gets what she’s doing. Kimmy can’t believe it. She wants to tell everyone Danford’s a bad man, but he talks her out of it.

Performing with Choices Matter, Titus realizes the show makes nerds seem one-dimensional. From the stage he stops the performance to explain that nerds can be more than one thing.

After Titus’s performance, the school principal asks him to direct the school’s upcoming musical and Titus agrees

At a presentation at the conference, Kimmy sees Danford making out with another girl. She outs him as having a Hotmail account and still making phone calls. This makes him persona non grata with the tech crowd.

Best lines:

Lillian: “There’s no truth anymore. People can find facts to back up anything. For example, did you know that the Lincoln assassination was faked. John Wilkes Booth was an actor.”

Titus: “Choices matter? They do? That can’t be true.”

Titus (trying out for Choices Matter): “I don’t need drugs to have fun. My drug of choice is being patient with my step-father.”

Kimmy: “Isn’t it classy how his first name sounds like a last name? That means our kids could be named stuff like Jackson or Square-Pants.”

Danford: “Let’s, like, bust the paradigm, or whatever.

Kimmy: “They do say bustin’ makes you feel good.”

Titus: “Jacqueline, I’m gay!”

Jacqueline: “Yes, Titus, I know. That’s how you end every phone call.”