Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4, Part 1 recaps and review

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Recap of Episode 6: Kimmy Meets an Old Friend!

At the school, Kimmy sees a boy with the purple backpack she lost in the very first episode of the series. She trades him her new backpack for it. She’s thrilled to have her old backpack back.

Meanwhile, Lillian’s dead boyfriend’s family is looking for him. Lillian neglected to tell them he died. She meets his daughter, Sheba (Busy Philipps).

Titus is scheduled to pitch The Capist to YouTube Brown, but he hasn’t written a word of the script. Kimmy tries to use her backpack, which she sees as a living entity, to help him use his imagination.

They come across boys playing Quidditch, the game from Harry Potter. Kimmy is amazed. She realizes she can reach boys by writing a book about how boys should treat girls.

Unfortunately, the publishing house she takes it to isn’t interested in her book. She’s known as a mole woman and that’s the only thing they want her to write about.

Disenchanted by her meeting with the publisher, Kimmy gives her book to Titus for his YouTube Brown pitch.

The YouTube Brown executives don’t like Titus’s pitch but do like Titus. They ask him to read for a role on a different show.

Lillian goes to Artie’s funeral, but it’s already over. Sheba gave her the wrong time. She wants control of the trust her father’s kept her under because she’s a mess. She’s trying to trick her brother, who she believes will be named her conservator in her father’s will, into thinking she’s become responsible. She wants Lillian to stay away because she knows Lillian is on to her.

Lillian goes to the reading of Artie’s will and outs Sheba. But it’s irrelevant because Artie left Lillian in charge of Sheba’s trust.

Kimmy has a frank conversation with her backpack. She explains that she’s a grown-up and needs to face reality, but her backpack, with its focus on imagination, is holding her back. She prepares to throw her backpack into the river.

Before she can go through with it, she gets a call. The son of one of the YouTube Brown executives has found her book in the garbage and loves it. He wants to hear more of the story.

Kimmy continues to write as the episode ends.