Cloak and Dagger: 9 Things to know about the new Marvel TV superheroes

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Image: Freeform

2. Who is Dagger?

Tandy Bowen was 16-years-old when she ran away from home and went to New York City. She was neglected by her mother and did not get along with her step-father, which is why she left. When she reached New York City, she was at a bus terminal trying to figure out what to do next when fate struck.

Someone attacked and robbed her, stealing her purse. However, when they tried to get away, a young man named Tyrone attacked them and got the purse back. He then returned it to Tandy and the two of them became best friends.

Since they were both runaways, the looked out for each other to make sure that someone always had their backs.

3. How did they get their powers?

Before Tyrone and Tandy became Cloak and Dagger, they were taken in by the henchmen of Simon Marshall, a Maggia crime lord. Because of this, they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time because Simon just wanted them in order to test a new synthetic narcotic on two kids that no one would miss if they died.

They got away but the drugs were administered to them first. As they ran, something happened.

Cloak and Dagger are mutants and the drug and the fear is what finally triggered their mutations. Because they were runaways, and because they realized first hand that there were people on the streets who always took advantage of kids like them, they became protectors of the streets.