Cloak and Dagger: 9 Things to know about the new Marvel TV superheroes

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Image: Marvel Comics

4. What are Cloak’s powers?

The thing about Cloak and Dagger is that they are polar opposites when it comes to their upbringing, their social class before becoming heroes, and eventually their powers. While one is brightness the other is pure darkness.

Cloak is darkness.

Cloak’s body is a portal to the “Darkforce Dimension.” Cloak is also extremely dangerous and his powers are deadly if not harnessed properly. He basically sucks the life force out of other beings.

He also creates a field of darkness using his cloak to create a focal point and envelope anyone in the darkness where they feel fear and numbing cold, sometimes even seeing visions. If they are there too long, they will end up completely insane.

A less scary power for Cloak is the ability to use the Darkforce Dimension to teleport himself and anyone else a short distance. In his Cloak form, he is also intangible so most things just pass through him if he doesn’t envelope them into the darkness.

5. What are Dagger’s powers?

Cloak needs to absorb lifeforce or he starts to grow weak. The good news is that Dagger is a person who can satisfy that craving. Dagger’s power is light and she can use her light to satisfy his craving and keep him sane.

Dagger can also create energy light daggers and use them as weapons to stun other people. When this happens, they will then confront the darkness of their soul — similar to Cloak’s powers but on a different level and one that doesn’t drive the person insane.

She can also use her light for a great purpose — it can cure drug addiction in some people. While Cloak threatens to destroy people with his powers, Dagger is the source of light and can save and protect people — including Cloak.