Cloak and Dagger: 9 Things to know about the new Marvel TV superheroes

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Image: Marvel Comics

6. Where did they get their Marvel Comics start?

Cloak and Dagger are straight from the pages of the Spider-Man comics in the Marvel Universe. their first appearance came in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 2 #64. This showed their origin story and they were not heroes in the start.

After they escaped Simon Marshall and then watched their mutant powers activated, they returned and murdered Marshall — in front of Spider-Man. However, he did not overreact and actually believed that the two were just misguided kids who needed a chance.

Spider-Man soon became a friend and confidant of the two and tried to steer them in the right direction.

However, it took awhile. Cloak and Dagger tried to kill two more crimelords (Kingpin and Silvermane) and then Dagger decided they should be heroes and not take lives anymore. She had to work hard to keep Cloak on the straight-and-narrow thanks to his powers of Darkness and his continued hunger.

7. What are the themes of Cloak and Dagger?

As made obvious with the light and darkness and Cloak’s continued struggles, it is clear that the themes of Cloak and Dagger — in the comics — was religious.

The two ended up taken in by a minister named Father Francis Delgado in the comics and then later went to Tandy’s uncle, another minister named Father Michael Brown.

The themes throughout the comics were always Dagger trying to keep Cloak from going to the dark side with his powers always threatening to consume him.