Castlevania season 3 greenlit before season 2 premieres!


The Netflix series Castlevania will have a third season, according to star
Richard Armitage. This is before season two has even premiered!

When Will the New Seasons Air?

“We’re about to record a third,” Armitage confirmed in an interview with Digital Spy.
A specific date hasn’t been offered for Castlevania‘s 2nd season. However, we know it will be this summer (2018, obviously). Season one premiered in July 2017. It would be reasonable to expect July release dates for this year’s season, and the same for next year. We do know season 2 will have 8 episodes — 4 more than season one. Call that a bonus for waiting!

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Who Will Be Involved?

Netflix will still be the distributor, which means you can watch it any old-time on there! Warren Ellis is still involved as a screenwriter, which bodes well for continuity. Richard Armitage will still star as Trevor Belmont, and Graham McTavish will continue as Dracula. Also, Alejandra Reynoso is said to be returning as Sypha Belnades. The production companies involved? Frederator Studios, Powerhouse Animation Studios, Shankar Animation, Project 51 Productions and Mua Film.

What Can We Expect?

Screenshot from the original Castlevania NES game.

Season 1 of Castlevania was a gritty, real and bloody horror experience. It offered a monster, Dracula, hellbent on destroying the tragically superstitious and unwise people of Wallachia. Because the Castlevania games offered so many classic horror elements, we can expect these to blend into the new seasons. To what extent will Dracula face off against his own son, Adrian Tepes? Can his father’s revenge mission be mediated at all?

Additionally, because of renewed interest in the franchise, we can expect to see more Castlevania video games emerge. That still speculative, of course. but it would be logical and business savvy to tie these things together. Also, one could expect a retro wave of respect for the original Castlevania.

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Though the original NES Castlevania lacked the gore and “adult” themes prominent in the Netflix series, it’s a no-brainer to expect renewed interest in how it all started. In fact, the old games have a lot of elements to draw from! Although critics have mixed feelings about the series, fans are thrilled with its continuation, and it’s likely to win converts — even those unfamiliar with the games.

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