Sense8 series finale review: A satisfying farewell


After just two seasons on Netflix, Sense8 comes to an end with the release of a feature-length finale movie.

The finale was an exercise in fan service, wrapping up as many loose ends as possible in two and a half hours while giving us what was best about the show. In order to wrap up the story in the allotted time, the revelations came fast and furious and the show burned through enough plot for at least another season. This stood in sharp contrast to Sense8‘s typically languid pace.

But in the case of this finale, the plot was almost beside the point. With that in mind, here’s a brief recap of the wrap-up movie (spoiler alert!): Whispers dies, BPO goes back to its original, non-sinister mission, and everything works out for our central cluster of sensates and their friends and loved ones.

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Unfortunately, because of time constraints, the stories of several of the main characters are set aside or only touched on briefly. I’ve argued elsewhere the show deserved an additional season, and the short shrift given to certain characters’ stories makes it hard not to wonder what could have been.

However, if a finale movie is the only way to get a definitive ending to the show, I’ll take it. The second season ended on a huge cliffhanger, and given how bleak things seemed when the show was initially canceled, this wrap-up is still a relief for fans.


The finale concludes the major mystery that’s been at the center of the show since it began. Some of the revelations don’t land the way they might have if they didn’t pile up so quickly, and it can be hard to contextualize certain plot points. But, ultimately, the finale gives fans what they really want: more time with these characters and the extended family they’ve built.

We get to see them work together, utilizing each other’s skills and knowledge. We get to see them have a long-distance sing-a-long and then a final dance party. And we get to see them be happy both for themselves and for one another.

It’s a satisfying conclusion to a truly unique show. It’s made all the more bittersweet by the fact that it’s unlikely we’ll see anything like it on TV again soon.

Despite that, it’s hard not to watch the finale without smiling and laughing with the sprawling cast of main characters. It’s moving to see the international group of empaths come together one last time, accompanied by an ever-growing number of normal humans who love the sensates for who they are.

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The wrap-up touchingly celebrates the strength that the group gains from its members’ differences and shows the value of a diverse, accepting community.

Farewell Sense8. You will be missed. The show will remain on Netflix, so hopefully, it will find a larger audience in its afterlife.

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