Fear The Walking Dead Season 4: The positives and negatives

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Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

NEGATIVE — A Few Of The Characters Decisions

A lot of nonsense happened just to move the plot along. I wasn’t a fan of it.

Alicia — Alicia understandably wanted to slaughter the Vultures for what they did to her mother, her brother, and her home. She really wanted June dead and it was just a misunderstanding, but Alicia seemed confident that she was directly responsible for Madison’s death, enough to almost kill John by accident.

Then she killed Mel, who tried to tip them off about his brother’s attack in the first place.

Alicia just believed everyone was guilty and was definitely seeing red, but her actions almost got everyone (including herself) killed a dozen times.

Regarding Madison’s death: When you have a car, don’t let it sit put when what seems like thousands of walkers are coming to surround you. If Alicia drives the car, no one has to sacrifice themselves.

June — June was continuously lying, running off, joining different groups, etc. It made me wonder where her true loyalty lied. Turns out she doesn’t really know.

She lost her daughter and got her last group killed. Staying put and getting to know others is not safe in her mind, Then why join the Vultures, who are responsible for killing everyone at the Diamond. Also, why show up with her new haircut, looking like she’s been part of the Vultures the entire time? She had me fooled.

Ennis — Ennis is Mel’s brother. The real antagonist of the first eight episodes. His intentions are never explained but it was clear he was evil to the core. Okay, so he wanted to take the stadium, but in the end, he only killed a bunch of innocent people for no reason and got next to nothing in return (besides maybe some sadistic pleasure).

The bigger problem with Ennis is why, in episode 3, he completely disregards Nick’s attempts on his life. Morgan warns him and he laughs. He sees Nick coming right for him and he laughs even more. This is a person whose mother he killed, whose friends he killed, and whose home he destroyed.

There are no laws in this world anymore. Why wouldn’t he be serious about killing you? And then Nick did kill him. The antlers death was cool, though.

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The Vultures — Sorry, I still can’t get over how terrible of shots they are.

Maybe I’m getting carried away. Perhaps you felt differently and completely understood everyone’s decisions. I just love this show and enjoy talking about it. Can’t wait till the shows return in August.