When does All About The Washingtons premiere on Netflix?


This year, August 10 will be the premiere of the Netflix comedy All About The Washingtons starring Reverend Run “Joseph” Simmons and his wife Justine.

Deadline reports Simmons and his wife are also executive producers on All About The Washingtons. Simmons will play Joey Washington, a big-time hip-hop star who takes time off to look after his home and family while his wife builds her own career. His wife Justine is set to play his onscreen wife Justine Washington.

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All About The Washingtons is basically a scripted version of the Simmons actual life. Simmons is well-known for his role in the legendary group Run DMC. Simmons later become known to television audiences for his family’s reality TV show Run’s House that aired on MTV for several seasons. Run is also the younger brother of Russell Simmons, who is best known as the founder of Def Jam Records.

The concept is a bit like Two and a Half Men, where Charlie Sheen played Charlie Harper, a hard partying bachelor who lived in a nice beach house with various women coming in and out of his life. Art imitated life for that show and the sitcom was a smash hit for as long as Charlie Sheen played the lead.

The concept of method acting and people invoking their real life selves on-screen can go one of two ways. As a positive, it enhances the performance and gives a sense of realism.

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On the other hand, someone playing a thinly disguised version of themselves isn’t exactly a groundbreaking performance. It’s perfectly okay to channel real life, but a TV show also needs to go beyond this.