Impulse: Top moments from the final two episodes

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I would also like to give Jenna major props for her actions in episode eight. I’ve already written about how protective of Henry Jenna is but stabbing Nikolai definitely took that to a new level.

In episode nine, my favorite Jenna moment is when she calls her dad. Already having gone way beyond her comfort zone by potentially killing someone and trying to clean up his blood, Jenna is reluctant to then go back to lying, too, especially to her dad.

Henry, already frustrated with Jenna, gives up trying to tell her what to do but clearly wants Jenna to keep the situation between the two of them. Out of loyalty to Henry, Jenna lies and faces Thomas’ anger for not telling him Henry was okay, especially considering “everything that happened with [Jenna’s] mom.”

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More used to having a confrontational relationship with Cleo, Henry feels bad when she realizes how much disappointing Thomas affects Jenna, that is until Jenna reveals that she may have inadvertently put Cleo in danger.

Turning to episode ten of Impulse, high Jenna is the Jenna I never knew I needed! She first smokes with Henry back in episode two, but she goes to new heights in the finale. While Jenna had previously opened up to Henry about her mom and her love life, she opens up for the first time about her more general anxieties.

Jenna admits that she’s rarely been able to be her true self out of fear of what other people might think. Henry wisely and eloquently tells her to “f*****’ embrace that s***” even though it’s scary. As much Henry has needed someone in her corner, Jenna has, too. Episode ten firmly establishes Henry and Jenna as the other’s “person” (in a Grey’s Anatomy sense).

Also, Jenna still being very high in the middle of the school day, starting to embrace her true self by sitting with Henry and Townes and gushing about how much she cares about Henry is one of my all-time favorite scenes from the season. Desjardins is hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.