Impulse: Top moments from the final two episodes

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One of my favorite parts about Impulse is the characterization of Townes. Showrunner Lauren LeFranc and the writers do not ever disregard the fact that Townes has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Being on the spectrum is, in fact, a strength of his.

He is able to think differently. He’s not afraid to be honest. He also brings an enthusiasm that Henry doesn’t always appreciate but that she also understands demonstrates how much he cares about her.

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Having ASD is not Townes’ only character trait, though. So many shows seem to think that merely having a non-white character or a differently abled character onscreen counts representation. Townes, by contrast, is a well-developed and integral character, not a diversity statistic.

For example, we get to see a new side of Townes in episode ten when he learns the full story of why Henry started teleporting. His reaction is like Henry’s when she mentally confronts Clay during her extended seizure.

Jenna, importantly, does not deny that Townes’ feelings are completely warranted. She is just as angry. But she knows as Henry learned in episode eight, that attacking Clay would hurt the attacker more than Clay. As Henry’s friend and sidekick, Townes realizes that keeping his promise to her is what’s most important, so he drives Clay to the hospital.