Impulse: Top moments from the final two episodes

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Well, he has one last opportunity to become a better person, and he fails miserably again. When Henry saves his life, Clay realizes that she wasn’t lying about being the one to put him in his wheelchair.

Rather than at least thank her for saving him, let alone apologize for hurting her in the first place, Clay lights into Henry yet again about hurting him (as he had just prior to her extended seizure) and threatens to expose her as a teleporter.

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Henry refuses to let him intimidate her and tells him the truth about how his own world is falling apart around him. It’s very satisfying to listen to her put Clay in his place. Maybe he will finally be able to face himself for who he really is when he goes to live with his religious mom and preacher stepfather?

But I really don’t care. I’m just glad to see him leaving Reston. Good riddance