Impulse: Top moments from the final two episodes

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Cleo is not a perfect parent, and she has never claimed to be. But she loves Henry as much as Henry loves her. While the two are not the best at demonstrating that love to each other, Cleo puts it on full display in the final two episodes of the season by trying to take down Bill and by putting Henry first, even if it means leaving the man she loves.

My favorite Cleo quote from the entire season is when she checks Bill for not using her daughter’s name: “It’s Henry, not Henrietta! I’m sure that helps you think of her as some delicate little girl! But it is, Henry, okay?” Yaaass, Cleo!

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My favorite scene of hers from the entire season is when she and Henry finally talk about the assault. While Henry had told Jenna and Jenna had supported her, she had never fully opened up about it, which Jenna recognized.

While Henry initially tells Cleo she doesn’t want to talk about, she stills feels the need to clarify what happened because “a lot of people have it worse.” Henry also says for the first time that she had initially wanted something to happen with Clay when they started kissing.

Cleo recognizes what Henry is doing and makes sure Henry understands that none of that lessens what happened to her. Cleo may not have been there for Henry in many ways since the pilot, but she doesn’t let Henry down in the finale. Henry is finally able to let her walls come down and be vulnerable and acknowledge to herself and to Cleo everything that she’s been feeling.