Stranger Things David Harbour is terrible at keeping secrets


David Harbour can’t be trusted with spoilers, so he’s been cut out of the loop when it comes to Stranger Things season three.

David Harbour is notoriously unreliable when it comes to keeping secrets, so he probably knows less about the upcoming season of Stranger Things than his juvenile co-stars do. For season two, he gave away the fact that Winona Ryder’s character, Joyce, would have a boyfriend, as played by Sean Astin. “I’m kind of notorious for just giving away entire seasons and stuff. You know, I think it’s the kind of stuff that I thought were self-evident,” said Harbour during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.  

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In cases like this, Harbour obviously receives some disappointed feedback from Netflix executives. “They’re not angry, they’re just like ‘Oh, David.’ Just like your dad. ‘We’re disappointed.’” The execs know now to keep him away from production secrets. But I suppose if you wanted something strategically leaked, Harbour would be your best conduit for delivery. And while Harbour has been cut off from advanced scripts and juicy spoilers, there’s not much anyone can do to prevent the spread of spoilers once his scenes have been filmed.

Although, I suppose out of context a scene by itself might not prove to be a coherent spoiler. Other secretive shows and movies have employed this method in the past, giving their actors only the scenes in which they are performing without the benefit of context provided by the entire script. This seems a bit extreme for a good-natured show like Stranger Things, but with its growing popularity, it’s not out of the question for Netflix to start taking more stringent precautions against spoilers.

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In the meantime, its at least public knowledge that Cary Elwes, Jake Busey, and Maya Thurman-Hawke (who looks like the perfect mashup of parents Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman) have joined the cast for season three, along with Priah Fergusson who has been promoted to series regular.

Source: CinemaBlend