6 must-watch originals coming to Netflix in July

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Drug Lords: Season 2 – July 10

Season 1 of this Netflix original documentary series featured episodes on Pablo Escobar, the Cali Cartel, Harlem’s Frank Lucas, and Australia’s Pettingill Clan.

These episodes featured interviews with the criminals themselves, associates, and the policemen who worked to bring them to justice. Some of these episodes, especially the ones about the Latin cartels, include an added element of danger because some of the criminals are currently active.

Season 2 comes with a new set of drug lords to explore, including El Chapo, LA’s Jemeker Thompson, Jamaica’s Christopher Coke, and Dutch dealer Klaas Bruinsma.

This series is especially compelling since the production team looked past the notorious Latin cartels to include dealers from other nations and other sexes.

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Last Chance U: Season 3 – July 20

Not just for football fans, this Netflix original documentary series tells the stories of talented young football players who are struggling to succeed, landing in a Junior College team at a community college after repeated academic failures.

The first two seasons took place at East Mississippi Community College, but season three changes locations to Independence Community College in Kansas.

The trailer provides a look at a number of fascinating and inspiring characters, educators who really work to help their students succeed where they have failed before.

Independence head coach Jason Brown looks like a pretty entertaining figure as he leads high-profile players like Malik Henry, Carlos Thompson, and Kingston Davis to Independence Pirates victory.