6 must-watch originals coming to Netflix in July

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Orange is the New Black: Season 6 – July 27

If you were disappointed by OITNB season 5, there is a reason to hope that season 6 will take the series in new and interesting directions.

Season 5 set up a cliffhanger that will result in a relocation of many of our favorite characters to a new prison — which means new challenges, new inmates, and new conflicts.

In addition to the change of location, series creator Jenji Kohan revealed that only two of the show’s writers have been rehired for season six, which means a lot of new voices that can take the show in new directions.

To be fair, after five seasons and a Netflix series renewal through season 7, its time to reevaluate the show and find ways to keep the storylines relevant and innovative.

So many shows settle into repetition after a long run, and its clear that OITNB is trying to prevent that from happening.

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A Very Secret Service: Season 2 – July 30

I love that Netflix is really investing in international television, partly because of the cultural exposure and partly because international television is often so different from anything produced in America, but also because it brings us weird stuff like this.

A Very Secret Service is a spy comedy set against the backdrop of the Cold War and Algerian independence. Its kind of like Get Smart meets Mad Men and uses comedy to examine issues of racism, nationalism, sexism, colonialism, etc.

The series follows a young professional named André Merlaux (Hugo Becker aka French Bill Hader) who is recruited into the French secret service and is expected to do his job without any training or instruction. André is a good guy – tolerant, compassionate, intelligent – in a world of racist and sexist buffoons.

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