GLOW Season 2 Recap

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Credit: GLOW season 2 – Erica Parise – Netflix

Episode 9: Rosalie

I was right; Annabella Sciorra plays Justine’s mom, and her name is Rosalie.

She shows up to Sam’s house the morning after Justine invited Ruth over for a “family dinner.” Sam is too drunk to drive Ruth home, so he invites her to stay over. She sleeps on the couch. I love how Sam is getting sweeter with Ruth.

When Rosalie shows up, we find out that Justine told her mother she was at a performing arts high school and that she periodically checked in with her. We also find out that Sam slept with Rosalie 17 years prior and it was a one night stand.

Sam begs Ruth to stay as a buffer, which she obliges. When Rosalie wants to take Justine right away, Ruth convinces her to stay so that Justine can go to Winter Formal with her boyfriend.

They all head to the formal where Justine plans to run away with Billy. But not before Sam figures out her plan. He proves he’s a good father and shows just how much of a good influence they are in each other’s lives. He convinces her to stay. Maybe if Sam knew about Justine before, he would have screwed up. But I think she came into his life when she was supposed to.

I have to say; it’s sort of weird because why would a mother, a long-lost father, and the long-lost father’s friend who he secretly loves all go to a high school dance together? Anyway, it’s the perfect setting for Ruth and Sam’s almost-kiss – during Madonna’s “Crazy for You.” It’s one of my personal favorites (to sing).

As the music played, and they got closer to each other, knowing the kiss was imminent, Ruth pulls away and hobbles out of there as fast as her gimpy legs could take her. She ends up at Russell’s where they kiss. Come on Ruth! Why are you fighting this?

Meanwhile, back at the Glow-tel, the girls convince British-born Rhonda to go to the consulate to get a visa so she could work after the show gets canceled. The plan backfires when they find out she’s illegal and force her to vacate the country within 30 days.

A very high Carmen suggests she marries her biggest fan, the cupcake guy (played by the same guy who played Ham Porter in The Sandlot!)

Lastly, Bash and Debbie attend a syndication convention in Anaheim to try to sell the show to another channel after GLOW gets canceled. They aren’t prepared like some of the other shows, so they take a page out of Kermit the Frog a la Muppets Take Manhattan and start a whisper campaign.

It worked like a charm, and they receive a bunch of calls on Bash’s Zack Morris phone as they celebrate at a nearby bar.

Then, Bash receives a call from a hospital in San Francisco with news about his butler, Florian, who he had been looking for this entire season. Early on, Florian left him when his paycheck bounced.

Florian passed away from pneumonia, leaving Bash devastatingly shell-shocked.