GLOW Season 2 Recap

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Credit: GLOW season 2 – Erica Parise – Netflix

Episode 10: Every Potato Has a Receipt

Let’s start with the end.

The network won’t allow the gorgeous ladies of wrestling to take their characters with them to another network. So, they are S.O.L. The season finale of the show within the show was absolutely brilliant.

Rhonda (as Britannica) was all set to marry Cupcake live on air. All the ladies of GLOW were her bridesmaids, and she even wore Debbie’s old wedding dress. After the wedding, the girls would have a Battle Royale and fight over the bouquet.

But just before they were to go live, Carmen’s wrestler brothers show up to confront her about stealing their moves. As a compromise, they would make a “small” cameo during the show at some point.

As the ladies enter the ring, Carmen must wear a shirt that claimed she peed the bed until she was 10. I guess this is one of the stipulations from her brothers.

A lonely and sad Bash interrupts Rhonda and Toby’s wedding to declare his love for Rhonda, and they marry instead. Seeing the look of heartbreak on Carmen’s face, who clearly likes Bash is crushing. It’s worse than the damn shirt.

I’m not sure if Rhonda and Bash will stay married, but as Ruth pointed out, she just married a millionaire without a prenup. So, she’ll get her green card, and she hit the lottery in one fell swoop.
Sam and Ruth have another cute moment together where they talk about weddings, and he stumbles into a sort of apology for trying to kiss her at the dance. Ruth admits that she’s sleeping with Russell, who is nice but COME ON! He’s painfully average I can’t stand it!

After Sam tells Ruth that Justine left with Rosalie, he poetically says he makes room for people in his heart. And then when they leave, the room is still there. In case you were wondering, he’s most certainly talking about Ruth, too.

After Ruth’s desperate attempt to try to make it on the show wrestling one more time with her broken ankle, she settles for an assistant director role with Sam in the booth. I just love how he does things to make her happy, even though she keeps denying him!

Or maybe she’s trying to be responsible for once and not mix business and pleasure. But this is the one case where I wish she would.

Anyway, back during the Battle Royale, Carmen’s brothers make a huge cameo and fight against Liberty, Machu Picchu, and She Wolf, and the women beat them. And just as the three ladies resume their battle for the bouquet and the crown, Sam tells Ruth to get up. Surprise! She’s part of the show. I could cry! I did cry!

She flies in on a zip line, gimpy leg and all, kicks Carmen in the back and takes the bouquet, winning the crown.

That’s why it sucks that the network cancels the show.

However, Ray the strip club owner and new friend of Sam’s convinces the gorgeous ladies that they need to take their show and their characters to Vegas. So, off to Sin City they go.

And the best show on Netflix, in my opinion, ends with the most epic song ever: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship. Seriously, after a long day of binging and writing, and then a national cable and internet outage, I should be exhausted, but I am so happy and energized!

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Thank you to the producers for ending the season on that song. Clutch choice! Now, if you can find a way to make Sam and Ruth happen, I’ll love you even more.

I think this season of GLOW was even better than the first. It’s going to be a long year waiting for this show to come back.