GLOW Season 2 Recap

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Credit: GLOW season 2 – Erica Parise – Netflix

Episode 2: Candy of the Year

GLOW isn’t wowing the live audience like the producers thought it would. Men are practically falling asleep.

During Sam and Bash’s “production meeting” sans Debbie, they decide the show is dragging and that they need to cut the matches from five to three. Sam split the ladies up into pairs and told them they would be competing for a spot on the show.

Ruth is notability left out of the partnerships because Sam is still punishing her from the week before. So, when she asks him for a chance, he pairs her with Yolanda, the new girl with no experience.

Debbie wants to be taken seriously as a producer. But, Sam and Bash think of it as “making the star happy.” She invites them over for fondue, but they don’t show up. Instead, Tammé, whose character is still keeping the crown hostage, shows up with a bottle of wine.

The two discuss their on-camera rivalry and how to play it up. It turns out Tammé couldn’t be further from her character “The Welfare Queen.” She’s worked hard all her life, holding odd jobs like making airline food and an audience coordinator for Family Feud. It’s through Tammé that Debbie gets the idea of partnering with the most popular candy of 1985, Nerds. They’ll give little packs of the crunchy, multi-colored candy to the audience to keep them awake.

It just goes to show Debbie isn’t just a producer by name.

Maybe if Sam’s daughter, Justine, came into his life sooner, he’d know how to treat women. I can’t imagine him being so dismissive while raising a daughter. Nonetheless, his 16-year-old, long-lost kid is living with him, and he’s trying to find his place on the father spectrum.

When it’s time for the girls to audition for that week’s show, Stacey and Dawn’s match with Melanie gets on the show because they stole an idea from Arthie.

Arthie hates her character, Beirut the Mad Bomber for the obvious reason of it being racist. She wants to “blow herself up” with a suicide vest and become “The Phoenix.”

But Stacey and Dawn are tired of playing old ladies, so they become the “Toxic Twins” after Melrose sprays them with Aqua Net. They get on the show. Liberty and Fortune Cookie will also be on the show since Liberty is the star.

Ruth and Yolanda know they can’t make the show with wrestling alone, so they come up with a breakdance battle skit that wins over Debbie and Bash – but not Sam. Debbie talks Ruth up and tells Sam, “You know she’s good, or you would have fired her.”

Ruth ultimately makes the show.

I think Sam is fighting more than one thing with Ruth. They hinted at an attraction last season and disguised it as a friendship, but I think deep down he respects her.

Yes, he is asserting his power over her by punishing her professionally, but I think he’s also fighting his feelings for her. He’s in love with her – I’m calling it now. He just doesn’t know it yet.