GLOW Season 2 Recap

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Credit: GLOW season 2 – Erica Parise – Netflix

Episode 3: Concerned Women of America

There are a lot of concerned women on GLOW right now.

Debbie in concerned for Ruth dating Russel the cameraman, who she deems creepy. Ruth, however, seems to like him and agrees to go to a Ruth Gordon Film Festival with him where Katherine Hepburn may be making an appearance.

We get our first glimpse of Cherry Bang on her new cop show. Unfortunately, the former stunt woman is horrible and struggling. She’s concerned she’ll lose her job. They change her hair and cut her lines, but she knows she’s on her way to an axing.

Keith, her husband and GLOW’s resident referee, goes to Sam for help – mainly to get Cherry out of her trailer. In the end, Sam demands Cherry comes back to GLOW and gives the cop-show-director a new direction for his show before they can fire her.

Yes, Cherry is back!

The ladies are concerned that they aren’t having enough sex, especially when they find out Justine has sex with her boyfriend all the time. They invite the camera guys and their hot friends to the “Glow-tel” for a party.

The only problem for Melanie is that she has a “poop baby,” which is a fancy way of saying she’s constipated. Since any poop humor cracks me up, I found this hilarious.

With the help of an enema, administered by Jenny in exchange for Melanie’s lucky jacket, she expels her poop baby. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough. Jenny steals Melanie’s guy with the help of the lucky jacket.

The Concerned Women of America, a group of women who determine whether or not television programming is appropriate for children, are demanding that the show clean up its image. There’s too much sexuality, violence, and Satanism.

Debbie’s answer is a PSA in which she enlists Ruth’s help. They develop a creative spot to warn teenagers against the dangers of teen pregnancy. Justine plays the teenager, of course, and Carmen plays a big baby who “wrestles” away things to look forward to in the future like college, parties, and world travels. The ladies of GLOW represent each reason. It’s creative and campy, and a perfect way to get the Concerned Women of America off their backs.

It also shows just how smart and valuable Debbie and Ruth are. I think they’ll take over without Sam and Bash even realizing it.

Debbie keeps Ruth from her date with Russel to record the voice-overs. Maybe Debbie is protecting Ruth, but perhaps she’s getting her back for sleeping with her husband. She knows Ruth will do anything to get their friendship back and Debbie is totally taking advantage of it.

You can tell she’s conflicted. Cheating sucks for all of those involved. And you can love someone and hate them at the same time. And that’s how Debbie feels in a nutshell.