GLOW Season 2 Recap

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Credit: GLOW season 2 – Erica Parise – Netflix

Episode 7: Nothing Shattered

Ruth’s definitely hurt, in case you were wondering.

Russell comes to her rescue first, swooping her up in the ring and takes her outside. This makes Sam jealous and territorial. He takes charge of the situation and tells the girls, who are freaking out, that they need to take Ruth to the nearest hospital.

And there they all sit in the waiting room with her. Again, Russell walks in showing his concern for Ruth and Sam basically kicks him out. This time, the girls pick up on what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Bash finds Debbie naked in the showers, coming off her coked-up performance. He goes off on one of his out-loud inner monologues about how he blames himself for pushing the girls too hard. He has no idea that Debbie hurt Ruth on purpose.

Back at the hospital, Sheila has a Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment moment in the waiting room. “My friend’s in pain!” I appreciated the reference, and so did Ruth.

After Ruth is taken back to see the doctor, she asks Sam to take her mind off of the pain. Cue Hall and Oats’ “Make My Dreams Come True” “Cheer Ruth Up” montage. There’s something about that song that makes everything better. It was the best use of that song in any form of entertainment since “The Wedding Singer.”

After Ruth’s x-rays, Debbie finally shows up to check on her. She’s there when the doctor tells them it’s a clean ankle break.

Debbie’s lack of remorse and brush-off of Ruth’s feelings lead to the blowout fight they’ve been aching for since we found out Ruth slept with Debbie’s husband. They both say things that they mean and that needed to be said. Yes, Ruth screwed up, big time. But she’s paid for it in spades.

Their relationship has more layers than we saw on-screen. Ruth knows Debbie never loved Mark. And Debbie thrived off of Ruth’s failures and mistakes. I hope they can move on from this because I like them so much better when they’re frenemies, or at least getting along.

As an olive branch, Debbie shows up to Sheila and Ruth’s room to get her clothes. Sheila shares a story about her parents. They stockpile ammo and have major blow-out fights. Even though she waits for them to get divorced, they always get back together.

I think this is Sheila’s way of saying Debbie and Ruth are just like her parents. But just as Debbie said, can you even picture Sheila with parents?

Ruth is devastated she will no longer be able to appear on the show. And in the most touching Ruth/Sam moment thus far, he tells her, “It’s not just a TV show I don’t want to make this show without you. I’m not going to make this show without you.”

Yes, there is chemistry between them, and I am here for it! They have a Sam and Diane, mixed with Tony and Angela quality about them that is so ‘80s. They’re opposites, but they get each other. They don’t always get along, but they’re crazy about each other.

They’re getting together. You’ll see!