Luke Cage season 2 binge watch review

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1. Luke Cage S2 E1 – “Soul Brother #1”

The season two premiere of Luke Cage feels almost like another show. It makes sense for “Soul Brother #1” to explore how his life has changed since becoming a hero. Unlike the other Defenders, he fights crime out in the open. While Luke has become a figure out hope in Harlem, he can barely fight crime without an app revealing his location or fans asking for a photo.

Mariah and Shades are also back in the premiere with their villainous hijinks. Turns out the two are stronger than ever and hoping to make a large amount of cash as quickly as possible. While I still don’t fully buy their couple-in-love act, there’s no denying they make a strong King and Queen of the underworld.

However, Luke Cage is still dealing with the same problem the other Marvel series has: pacing. The series should never have confirmed Misty’s bionic arm, the Daughters of the Dragon team-up, or Danny’s appearance. Sitting through the premiere, it’s hard not to be disappointed to see all of these things right away. A large part of that is because I’m more invested in Misty’s story than I am with Luke’s.

Speaking of the titular character, “Soul Brother #1” introduces his estranged father into the fold. The two aren’t on great terms, and that relationship will certainly be an uphill battle. However, Luke has other issues to deal with, like paying rent. He doesn’t want to take any endorsements, and Bobby Fish is desperate to figure out a way to finance Luke’s heroism.

Overall, this is a solid reentry into the world of Luke Cage. The ensemble cast feels stronger than last year, and the direction seems more sure-footed. “Soul Brother #1” also introduces the new villain, the Bushmaster, who is a little underwhelming. That final fight scene choreography was a little weak but I’m hopeful he’ll get better.