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12. Luke Cage S2 E12 – “Can’t Front On Me”

“Can’t Front On Me” is the penultimate episode of the second season and it definitely delivers. The middle part of this season has felt weak and lost at certain points. Luckily, the show seems to have found its ground a little bit more before the ending.

A lot of time is spent reviewing Shades’ confession with Misty, which is good because it’s by far the most interesting part. He’s a contract killer and a renowned criminal who has grown a conscience over these past few episodes. His partnership with Mariah ultimately broke his moral code and he genuinely seems to want to do right. Unfortunately, Misty says there’s no deal on the table unless he can get the gun used to commit the murders.

He gets his opportunity because Mariah is attempting a full-on assault of Bushmaster. She labeled her heroin “Bushmaster” and using gangsters to spread the word. Luke manages to find the stash house and preserving the evidence for the police. Nevertheless, Bushmaster isn’t thrilled to have his name plastered on top of a dangerous drug.

Mariah decides to throw a massive party at Harlem’s Paradise knowing all of our heroes will be there. Shades make an attempt to “apologize” which really only ends up with Mariah pulling a gun on him. Luckily, Bushmaster is there to save the day by being ridiculously overpowered. It takes Luke, Misty, and Tilda to finally stop him while Shades grabs the fun for the detective.

Do I have any sympathy for Mariah? She’s a good villain and Alfre Woodard is fantastic but I did cheer when Misty got to slap those cuffs on her. She’s been sloppy over these past few episodes and was bound to get caught. Not to mention, she’s been using Luke’s heroism against him and it finally led him to understand what Claire was talking about all the way back in episode three.