Luke Cage season 2 binge watch review

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7. Luke Cage S2 E7 – “On and On”

I stand by some of my previous statements that Luke’s obsession with Mariah is a little weird. Nonetheless, “On and On” feels like a minor step up from episode six. Luke Cage reveals Bushmaster’s motivation after hinting at it for a while.

As many expected, Bushmaster is after Mariah because of some long familial history. Turns out the Stokes have a reputation for screwing people over. It may not be surprising, but his petty desire to keep calling her “Mariah Stokes” compared to “Mariah Dillard” did have me laugh. Compared to the other Marvel villains, it does seem silly for him to insist on the name change.

However, other than that, Luke Cage feels like it’s beginning to head in the wrong direction. All of the Netflix/Marvel series have had a problem sticking the landing. Jessica Jones manages to skirt by this problem for the most part because the series doesn’t really focus on the superhero aspect. But Daredevil has certainly had subpar second halves for its seasons. Hopefully, this show will be able to get back on track in episode 8, because “On and On” isn’t the best example of a strong episode.

At least the episode does have one of the most gut-wrenching scenes of the series. Shades discovers Comanche is the leak, and is forced to kill him. Theo Rossi shines, and it’s clear just how difficult the situation is for him. Nonetheless, he goes through with it, thus driving a wedge further between him and Mariah.

8. Luke Cage S2 E8 – “If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right”

Episode 8 ultimately deals with the fallout from the previous episode. Nothing all that exciting happens, but it’s still nice to see the characters react to their new situations. However, “If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right” really needs to get this story moving along.

Misty didn’t “technically” resign from the police force so she’s now acting captain. As a big fan of hers, it’s nice to see her back in the action. She’s certainly one of the stronger characters on the show, and I feel confident in her subplot even when it’s boring.

However, this hour belongs completely to Mariah and Shades. The two are dealing with a lot of consequences for this season. She’s been fantastic all season, even when some of the writing isn’t there. Although I still don’t think her relationship with Tilda has been fleshed out enough, it’s slowly beginning to grow on me.

Shades, meanwhile, is beating himself up over Comanche’s death. It’s always nice to see characters have lasting consequences for their actions. Theo Rossi has proven all season he can keep up with Alfre Woodard with every scene.