Game of Thrones: 10 characters most likely to die in Season 8

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10. Cersei Lannister

Where do I even begin with Cersei Lannister? I’m entirely assuming Cersei will meet her maker at some point in Season 8 because she has consistently been a villain since the first episode. But, this is Game of Thrones. The bad guys don’t always lose in Westeros.

Sure, Cersei has had her moments where the audiences have felt some sort of empathy for her. She lost all three of her children, except for her newest creation. She also endured the worst walk of shame I’ve ever seen, in which she walked naked through the streets of Kings Landing.

But none of these excuses the horrendous things she has done throughout seven seasons.

She cheated on her husband with her brother for years. She has her husband killed. Then, she has Ned Stark killed. And that’s just the first season. Her other “greatest hits” include treating her younger brother as if he were a demon, even accusing him of the murder of her son, with no evidence. And let’s not forget she killed hundreds of people with wildfire.

When we last saw Cersei, she informed Jaime that she had no intention of helping Jon, Dany, and Tyrion defeat the army of the dead. Furious, Jaime tries to leave to honor his pledge to help fight. Cersei threatens to kill him, and Jaime calls her bluff, leaving her alone and pregnant.

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Cersei is narcissistic, power-hungry, and, manipulative. Ser Gregor can only protect her so much. The only man who has ever truly been on her side left her. Unless she has an extreme change of heart, her selfishness will most certainly get her killed.

And I really hope Jaime is the one to do it. But not if Arya gets to him first!

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