Game of Thrones: 10 characters most likely to die in Season 8

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Image: HBO

2. Bronn

Poor Bronn just wants his damn castle. So, will he get it or will he be unceremoniously killed off?

With Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, you get what you get. He’s loyal to the person or people who pay the most. He’s an expert sellsword and has killed too many people to count.

After Bronn steps forward to fight for Tyrion in a trial by combat early on and wins, he becomes his personal bodyguard and friend. After Tyrion escapes King’s Landing, Bronn teaches Jaime (The King Slayer) to fight with his non-dominant hand because he no longer has a right hand and the two form a bond. Right now, he’s Jaime’s right-hand man (pun absolutely intended).

Bronn is known for his one-liners and no-nonsense attitude, so he’s a hit with fans. He has also mentioned that he has been beyond the wall before for “work.” That tells me he has experience in fighting wights. I think that will serve him well in the war, but I don’t know that he will actually survive.

I can see him dying and being made into a wight and a killing machine – yet another obstacle against Dany and Jon.

But I can also see them not killing off the comic relief in such a serious series, which will most likely have a very dark and twisty ending.

Most likely to die scale: 1 out of 5 swords