Game of Thrones: 10 characters most likely to die in Season 8

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5. Melisandre

The relationship between our resident red witch and Thronies is a complicated one.

We first saw her in the first episode of the second season hanging around with Stannis Baratheon, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Well, I guess it wasn’t exactly nothing. She kept telling him he should be sitting on the Iron Throne and through her “magic,” she told him how to get it.

The 401-year-old doesn’t look a day over 36. That’s because she wears a magic necklace that makes her look young. Ladies, don’t we all wish we had a magic necklace like that?

She seduced Gendry for his blood, she tried to seduce Jon Snow but failed miserably. I’d like to say Jon’s not into redheads, but we all know that’s not true.

But the worst thing she did was convince Stannis to murder his own daughter, Shireen, disguising it as a sacrifice for him to gain power. We’ll never unsee poor Shireen burning or unhear her screams.

But just when we couldn’t hate Melisandre anymore, she brings Jon Snow back to life! It’s like, how can we possibly hate this witch?

Melisandre hinted at her own end in her last appearance in Season 7 with Varys. She knows Jon Snow isn’t a fan of hers after he banished her from the north. Varys tells her to never return to Westeros, but she implies she will be back eventually to die in Westeros.

But how will it happen? Melisandre’s religion is really big on sacrificing. One theory says that Jon, who is assumed to be the “Prince Who Is Promised,” may sacrifice her to the Lord of Light to help him win the war against the Night King. But, he’s supposed to sacrifice someone he loves. So, I’m not sure that theory checks out.

Honestly, though, sacrificing herself is the least she can do at this point.

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