Orange Is The New Black: Danielle Brooks dishes on season 6


Danielle Brooks aka Taystee is dishing about the sixth season of Orange Is The New Black and what lies in store as the inmates leave behind Litchfield.

Orange Is The New Black is just a couple of weeks away from streaming its sixth season and there is a lot to look forward to as the scenery switches from Litchfield to a maximum security prison. Danielle Brooks, who plays the hilarious Taystee, spoke to Variety about the upcoming season and simply puts it as, “We are in trouble.”

Last season focused on the Litchfield prison riot and ended with all the inmates being caught and split apart. Going into season six things are going to be very different, and the ladies will be thrust into a maximum security prison. Brooks talked to Variety about what the impact of the riot will lead to, Taystee’s future, and what her thoughts are on the series ending.

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With the switch to a maximum security prison, the ladies will find themselves in less than ideal circumstances and missing the lax nature of Litchfield prison they were used to. Their sole purpose will shift to surviving their new situation especially with all the other inmates aware of the riot.

When asked how this will impact the women of Litchfield, Brooks explained it was like starting all over again:

"“These girls are finding new homes and with new homes is new faces, new inmates, new guards and finding your family, finding your tribe. You have to start all over again while still trying to hold on to your tribe, while still trying to keep together this community of Litchfield in a new environment.”"

When Orange Is The New Black returns Taystee will find herself at a confusing junction and ruminating over everything that has happened. Despite all the efforts she made to get justice for Poussey, she has failed which leaves vulnerable and lonely when the sixth season begins. This season will also give us more flashbacks to Taystee’s past as she struggles to stay sane.

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When asked if season seven could be her final, Brooks stated she was along for the ride whether it’s the last season or if there are still multiple seasons left. Because Orange Is The New Black was her first major break, she is willing to give it her all until the very end. She feels the end is nigh, but until then she plans to enjoy every single moment she has on the show.

Orange Is The New Black will stream season six on July 27th on Netflix!