Stranger Things first look introduces Starcourt Mall and Maya Hawke’s Robin


Stranger Things has introduced a new important location for season three and new cast member Maya Hawke in first look teaser.

Hawkins, Indiana is joining the future of corporate America by introducing a new state-of-the-art shopping mall to their sleepy community. Stranger Things introduces The Starcourt Mall, as described in the nostalgic “coming soon” commercial, as well as an in-world statement issued by Mayor Larry Kline’s (Cary Elwes) office, is a place “families, friends and, of course, teenagers can come together to shop, hang out, dine, and enjoy.” The ad teases the mall’s opening as “coming next summer” – both a reference to the fictional mall’s opening as well as the actual intended release of season three.

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Most notably is the appearance of Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington near the end of the ad as an attendant at “America’s favorite place to cool down: Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop.” Steve looks predictably bored at his job as he greets the camera with a lackluster “Ahoy!” This moment also introduces us to Maya Hawke’s character Robin, who jumps into frame, offers an ice cream cone, and shouts “Ahoy” as well.

Her character is described as an alternative girl who is looking for a little excitement in her life away from her mundane day job, and obviously gets more than she bargained for. Despite Steve’s lack of enthusiasm in the ad, my guess is that he’d be more than happy not to deal with any more life-threatening, supernatural situations.

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Another interesting and potentially sinister detail is Starcourt Mall as an “All-American subsidiary of StarCourt Industries.” Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I can see StarCourt Industries getting into some pretty shady, unethical deals in the name of making a profit. Whatever their involvement in the upcoming season, Starcourt Mall will obviously be the centerpiece of the action.

Source: THR / Deadline