The Americans executive producers to create rodeo drama pilot


Saddle up! The dynamic duo that brought us The Americans has officially been given the go-ahead by Freeform for their drama rodeo pilot named Breckman Rodeo!

The Americans aired its series finale not too long ago, but it looks like executive producers, Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, have found their next gig through Freeform. The network has given them the green light to create a drama rodeo pilot by the name of Breckman Rodeo.

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This is a working title for the pilot but it will be an ensemble drama centered on a group of young rodeo riders in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There will be two central characters the series will follow named Ashley and her boyfriend, Brant. Ashley is a force to be reckoned with that doesn’t like to follow the rules while Brant is a prodigy in the rodeo world who can’t decide between being famous or living a quiet, simple life.

Given the rapid pace of the 21st century, Ashley, Brant, and their friends will have to navigate through their specific world with the changes in the outside world. Both Fields and Weisberg shared their enthusiasm for working with Freeform to create this new series.

"“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Freeform, FX Productions and the brilliant Steve Lerner on his one-of-a-kind coming of age gem, ‘Breckman Rodeo’ (working title).”"

Lerner, who is writing the series, grew up in Cheyenne and brought his real-life experiences to the script, especially with all the rodeos he attended growing up. The show will focus on teenage life in this world and will appeal to those who can relate and also to those who cannot, at least that is what Lerner, Weisberg, and Fields hope!

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Seems like the pilot will be something to look forward to and we can’t wait to see what they come up with!

What do you think about this drama series pilot by the EPs of The Americans? Share your thoughts below!