Post Malone could get a makeover on Queer Eye


Rapper Post Malone might be getting a makeover care of the Queer Eye crew if fans have their way.

Fans of Post Malone have been spearheading an effort to get the rapper on Queer Eye to have the fab five clean up his look. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed as the show’s culture expert Karamo Brown tweeted his confused amusement. “Lol why does everyone want Post Malone to be on the show. Did he request it?” Post Malone showed an endearing self-awareness when he responded to Brown’s query, clarifying “no they just think I’m ugly and smell lol. love the show tho guys, keep crushing it.” The rapper is certainly not known for his fashion sense or grooming style, but since he is a fan of the show, perhaps he wouldn’t be adverse to letting the guys work their magic on him.

In fact, TMZ reports that Post Malone’s team is working on organizing an appearance in the near future. Queer Eye has been renewed for season three already, set for eight episodes to be based in Kansas City, Missouri. Malone told TMZ that he’d want to be “a nice, ’60s, Austin Powers gentleman” for his makeover if he were to appear, which seems like a far cry from his normal, day to day attire.

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And while fans may have an issue with Post Malone’s fashion sense, Karamo Brown appreciates the rapper’s authenticity. “You Keep killing it too. I personally love you style and music,” Brown tweeted back to Malone. Jonathan Van Ness agrees, tweeting that Malone is “unique & I’m here for it.” So while the Queer Eye crew seems to like Malone’s style, they might have some tips to refine and clean up the rapper’s natural look for a more authentic, personal touch. Maybe they could even add a touch of Austin Powers to tie the look together.

Source: Stereogum