Season 6 of Arrested Development has uncertain future


Will Arrested Development come back for another season?

According to Netflix’s Vice President of Original Content Cindy Holland, season 6 of Arrested Development is by no means guaranteed. Speaking publicly, Holland claims that there has been no discussion yet over a potential 6th season of the longtime comedy.

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This isn’t exactly a surprise, considering the public and critical response to season 6 of the show was overshadowed by an ongoing controversy over actor Jeffrey Tambor’s on set behavior. In response to a New York Times interview with the cast that later became infamous, Netflix ended up canceling the show’s upcoming publicity tour in the U.K. for the season

It marks a sharp difference from when the hit TV series was picked up by Netflix for the 5th season in 2013 after the show had been off the air for years. The show’s ongoing difficulties are not the first time a Netflix series has been hit by trouble, as House of Cards lead Kevin Spacey was removed from the show after many allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct taking place over years became public almost a year ago.

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Ongoing troubles with harassment and negative press aside, lackluster ratings and a lukewarm reception by audiences are absolutely fatal to any TV series. A show or movie can survive with negative reviews or a drop in views, but not both. Even if a series gets abysmal reviews, it can go on for years so long as a faithful audience consistently tunes in to watch. Take that away and there goes your viewership, and if no one is watching it, there is no reason to keep making the series.

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