Dark Tourist premiere episode recap – Latin America

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Popeye from Dark Tourist / RT Documentary official YouTube channel

Popeye the Slayer Man

One highlight of the episode is Farrier’s meeting with Popeye. Estimated to have killed 250 people, Popeye is actually now a Youtube star, and very much recognized as he walks around with David.

Because of his close association with the powerful Escobar, Farrier calls him “the ultimate narco tour guide.” Still, David can’t get around the fact that Popeye killed so many people.

At one point, when explaining how he’s changed, Popeye says, “When you’re around people who treat you nicely, killing isn’t worth it.”

Well, isn’t that special?

Still, it’s definitely awkward. According to Dark Tourist, Popeye even killed his girlfriend for Escobar, for allegedly plotting with the DEA. At one point, Popeye acts out a murder scene he’s written, which is rather convincing, for obvious reasons.

David says, “It’s so weird that everyone’s so blasé about this.”


Still, much like Popeye himself, almost every country is the product of violence, blood and prison. After a while, it can seem pretty normal, from inside and out. Plus, according to Farrier, Popeye’s actually a nice guy.