Dark Tourist premiere episode recap – Latin America

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U.S. Border Patrol (Mississippi Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Scott Tynes, JFH-MS Public Affairs Office/Released)

Bogus Border Crossing

This is either the most or the least controversial stage of David’s “Latin American” tour, depending on ho you ask.

He arranges to join tourists for a fake border crossing exercise, to show what it’s really like for illegal migrants. According to Dark Tourist, the tour is about discouraging border crossings, due to the danger.

It sure looks that way, as the tour features a mock robbery, during which one attendee has her $3,000 ring stolen. Then, as one might expect, pretend narcos show up and stage a fairly realistic siege.

Somehow drugs were planted on David, who sells out the so-called “commander” of the tour by claiming the planted drugs were his. This little role-playing exercise lasts six hours and has David and others questioning how they would fare in the real situation.

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They conclude that, for real migrants, this is never fun. Though, honestly, it doesn’t sound very fun for these participants, either (I mean, seriously, did the lady ever get her $3,000 ring back?).

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