Riverdale: Who should play Jughead’s mom and sister?

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3. Kim Rhodes

Calling me sentimental, but I would definitely tune in to see Cole Sprouse reunite with his Disney Channel mom. Dylan Sprouse tragically declined to play Jellybean — he had “a scheduling conflict,” according to Cole —  but that doesn’t mean part of the Martin family can’t come together again onscreen.

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Since playing Carey Martin on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Rhodes has appeared on several TV shows. Most recently, she has had arcs on Colony and Criminal Minds.

I have to admit I hated her Criminal Minds character Linda Barnes because she was gunning for my girl J.J. (AJ Cook). But I only hated Barnes because Rhodes played the antagonistic character so well. I’m betting I’d enjoy Rhodes as Gladys Jones.

Supernatural fans will recognize Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills. Rhodes has played the role in a recurring capacity since 2010. This year, she was all set to get her own spin-off show Wayward Sisters. Unfortunately, The CW passed on the pilot back in May.

Rhodes took to Twitter to express her continued support for the show’s message.

"We have lost nothing. I cannot say, “This is more than a TV show,” and then mourn a death when there’s no TV show. We are still here. All of us. We will not lose the community nor the voice we have made. This is how the heart’s yes is louder than their no."

According to Deadline, the network’s decision not to move forward with Wayward Sisters marks the second time it has opted out of a Supernatural spinoff. Supernatural itself is returning for season 14 this fall.

Hopefully, Rhodes will also return on The CW this year to play Gladys on Riverdale. In addition to already having played Cole’s mom, Rhodes has a few other aces up her sleeve. She has major fan support… and she’s already thrown her hat in the ring!

Riverdale‘s producers are certainly aware of how instrumental their passionate fanbase has been to the success of the show, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they catered to many viewers’ desire by casting Rhodes. As I said, I would definitely tune in to see a Suite Life reunion, and I wouldn’t be the only one.