Riverdale: Who should play Jughead’s mom and sister?

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1. Lauren Graham

Yes, this casting choice is partially driven by 2000s nostalgia. That being said, Graham is uniquely qualified for the role. She has played a mom in not one but two, long-running beloved series: Gilmore Girls and Parenthood.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to watching Parenthood yet. But I can say that Lorelai Gilmore is one of the best television characters of all time, and Graham is a major reason why. Backed by strong scripts, Graham engagingly brought Lorelai to life not just as Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) mom but as her own character.

Of course, the Gilmore girls’ bond was also central to the show, and it’s so memorable because it was complex. They were best friends, but they went through plenty of realistic rough patches.

Given that Gladys and Jughead haven’t seen each other for at least a few years, their relationship seems set to fairly complicated. I’m excited to see how it plays out, and I’ll be even excited if Graham is Sprouse’ screen partner.

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Gladys also has a complicated history with FP. You know who else had a complicated history with the father of her child? Lorelai. I’m just saying, it all lines up perfectly! If Graham is able to play off Ulrich the way she played off David Sutcliffe, who portrayed Christopher, we’ll be in for a compelling family reunion.

Lastly, Graham’s ability to simultaneously blend comedy and tragedy so naturally is unparalleled as far I’m concerned; and that talent could definitely come in handy on Riverdale.