10 must-watch Netflix originals coming in August

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Cocaine Coast / Image by Netflix

There is A LOT of Netflix original series premiering in August.

Everything from adult animation to haunting documentaries to foreign thrillers and supernatural romance, Netflix has it all this month. Here is a mere fraction of what Netflix has to offer — the most binge-worthy and anticipated shows in August.

Cocaine Coast — August 3

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Drug-related shows have proven popular for Netflix. Ever since the success of the crime drama Narcos, the streaming service has been investing in anything from drama to docs if it has anything to do with the drug trade, and to great effect.

Cocaine Coast is a Spanish drama set in Galicia, Spain in the 1980s and is about the burgeoning drug trade from Latin America into Europe.

The series follows an enterprising young fisherman played by Javier Ray who gets a lucrative job smuggling the drugs into Europe. With his earnings, he is able to afford a lavish, hedonistic lifestyle that ultimately leads to his downfall.

Tristán Ulloa and Antonio Duran also star in the series alongside a cast of supporting characters. Cocaine Coast is based on the non-fiction book Fariña by Nacho Carretero.

I AM A KILLER — August 3

I am a Killer is a 10-part documentary series examining the murders committed by several inmates on death row.

Each episode focuses on a single prisoner who describes how and why they committed murder and their thoughts now after having been sentenced to death and living on death row.

The series gives a compelling insight into the complexities and circumstances that can lead to a murder and the surprising range of people capable of committing it.

Inmates featured will include Miguel Martinez, the youngest person to be sent to Texas’ death row when he was convicted at age 17.