10 must-watch Netflix originals coming in August

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Disenchantment / Image by Netflix

Disenchantment — August 17

The much-hyped new Matt Groening project, Disenchantment is finally making its debut in the middle of August.

The creator of classic adult animation shows The Simpsons and Futurama turns his eye to the fantastical past where a hard drinking Princess cavorts with her elf friend and a personal demon on various misadventures through her shambling medieval kingdom.

She and her friends will meet all sorts of fantasy creatures and face various life-threatening situations, only to share a few drinks back at the castle when its all over. It looks like part Futurama and part Adventure Time, leaning toward the adult humor of the former.

It looks so classically Groening-ian, so if you’re a fan of his humor and style, chances are you will love what Disenchantment has in store.

Ultraviolet — August 17

One of the reasons I like Netflix is because it doesn’t just focus on high-profile, Hollywood-powered original content. In fact, they almost seem to have a more regular flow of international series premiering than big-budget American series.

If there’s a country with a television industry, Netflix has a show for you — or else you can bet they will have in the near future. Ultraviolet  is a prime example of Netflix broadening its viewership’s horizons once again to include Polish crime drama.

The series follows a woman who is forced to leave her husband in London and return to her hometown in Łódź where she witnesses a suspicious suicide.

Haunted by the event and dismissed by police, she turns to an online community of amateur detectives who solve crimes that the police can’t.