50 most heartbreaking Game of Thrones deaths

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30. Maester Luwin – Season 2 “Valar Morghulis”

Another innocent person who didn’t deserve to die. Maester Luwin lived at Winterfell and took Bran and Rickon under his wing after their father’s death. He then helped the boys escape with Osha after Ramsay overtook Winterfell. The poor old guy was stabbed. Osha and the boys found him, and she showed mercy on him and give him a swift end. It definitely broke a lot of hearts watching his suffering.

29. Osha – Season 6 “Book of the Stranger”

This Game of Thrones death bothered me because she had been gone for so long. After helping Bran and Rickon escape Winterfell, she took Rickon with her while Bran went beyond the wall. Ramsay found them, unfortunately, and as soon as they were back in Winterfell, he stabbed her in the neck.

28. Benjen Stark – Season 1 “A Man Without Honor”

Ned Stark’s younger brother was also part of the Night’s Watch. He’s the one who convinced Jon Snow to join them but sadly died off camera beyond the wall in Season 1. But then, we find out he is sort of alive and saved Bran and Meera from White Walkers. He ultimately dies again after sacrificing himself for Jon. I felt bad for Jon to have lost him twice.

27. Renly Baratheon – Season 2 “The Ghost of Harrenhal”

The brother of Robert and Stannis didn’t deserve to be murdered by Stannis’ and Melisandre’s smoke baby, or whatever the hell that was. I wasn’t so sad about his death because of how he abandoned Ned Stark in his time of need. I more felt bad for Brienne and Loras, as they were devastated to learn about his death.

26. Jojen Reed – Season 4 “The Children”

The brother of Meera, he had visions just like Bran. He sought him out to help him find the Three-Eyed Raven. But wights attacked him, stabbing him multiple times. His own sister had to mercy kill him. You may be thinking his death is horrible because they killed the kid from Love Actually. That’s true! But he survives the books, so no one saw this Game of Thrones death coming.

25. Robert Baratheon – Season 1 “You Win or You Die”

Yes, Robert Baratheon was a terrible king. He drank a lot, was lazy, and he had little bastards running around Westeros — everywhere but the castle (ha!). After a drunken hunting trip, he was mortally injured by a wild boar. I loved his character and would have loved to see him longer, but his death was a necessity. It posed the question, “Who’s the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?”

24. Maester Aemon – Season 5 “Kill the Boy”

The Grand Maester was one of the last living Targaryens, having been Aegon’s brother, uncle to the Mad King, and great-uncle to Daenerys. And by that logic, he’s Jon’s great-great uncle, too! He’s the only one on this list that died of natural causes because he was super old. But he was loyal to Jon, and it was sad to see someone in Jon’s corner go.

23. Loras Tyrell – Season 6 “The Winds of Winter”

Loras, the heir to Highgarden, was living large at the beginning of the series. Women fawned over him, yet he wasn’t interested in that type of person. Betrothed to Cersei but never married, and after being held prisoner by the Faith of the Seven for laying with men, he died in Cersei’s wildfire explosion. I felt bad for Loras because he was never the same after Renly died. He suffered for being himself and then was dead.

22. Khal Drogo – Season 1 “Fire and Blood”

We were all in on the Dany/Drogo relationship, maybe because Jason Momoa looks like a Greek god. But it was devastating to watch him die, especially at the hands of Dany. A spell by the witch Mirri Maz Duur left him a vegetable. So, Dany suffocated him to show mercy. It just showed how strong Dany could be in the face of tragedy.

21. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont – Season 3 “And Now His Watch Has Ended”

Father of Jorah Mormont, he was the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and really took Jon under his wing. He even gifted him Longclaw, the Valyrian steel sword, that should have been passed to Jorah had he not been exiled. He was stabbed by a traitor at Craster’s Keep. It sucks because he was a good person and one of the few to believe in Jon.