50 most heartbreaking Game of Thrones deaths

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20. Talisa Stark – Season 3 “The Rains of Castamere”

Talisa was Robb Stark’s pregnant wife and was stabbed in the stomach, repeatedly, at the infamous Red Wedding. This is a tough one because if she hadn’t come into the picture, Robb wouldn’t have violated his deal with the Freys and the Red Wedding may not have happened. It wasn’t the saddest Game of Thrones death at the worst wedding of all time, but it was horrifying watching Lothar Frey stab their unborn baby.

19. Myrcella Baratheon – Season 5 “Mother’s Mercy”

Myrcella was the only daughter of Cersei and Jamie, I mean Robert Baratheon. Jamie traveled to Dorne to retrieve her, but before she left, Ellaria Sand kissed her with poison in retaliation for Oberyn’s death. She died on the boat in Jamie’s arms. That was heartbreaking to watch, although we all knew it was coming.

18. Ser Barristan Selmy – Season 5 “Sons of the Harpy

After Joffrey dismissed him from the King’s Guard, Selmy found Dany in the east and helped her out. A likable character, he was a fan favorite. So, we were all pissed when he was killed fighting the Sons of the Harpy, especially because he’s still alive in the books. He would have come in handy in the impending war, don’t you think?

17. -14. Direwolves: Lady (Sansa’s) Season 1 “The Kingsroad,” Grey Wind (Robb’s) Season 3 “Mhysa,” Summer (Bran’s) Season 6 “The Door,” and Shaggydog (Rickon’s) Season 6 “Battle of the Bastards”

Ned Stark found the six Direwolves in the very first episode. Jon saw them as an omen since the Direwolf is the symbol of House Stark, so he convinced Ned to keep them. Each child got one. There was even an albino one for Jon. Unfortunately, the majority of the wolves haven’t survived.

Lady was killed instead of Arya’s Nymeria for biting Joffrey. Grey Wind was killed by crossbow during the Red Wedding. (You may remember his head being placed on Robb’s body.) Rickon’s Shaggydog was killed after Ramsay captured him and Summer was killed by wights trying to protect him Beyond the Wall.

Every time one died, it’s been devastating. I’ve said, “If one more Direwolf dies, I’m gonna lose it!” And I mean it. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

13. Tommen Baratheon – Season 6 “The Winds of Winter”

Poor, sweet Tommen. He was too innocent and too young to be King of Westeros. Just when he started to come into his own and stand up to his mother, Cersei, she took his wife and half of Westeros away from him by blowing up the Sept with wildfire. Easily one of the most shocking moments of the series was when a devastated Tommen took off his crown and calmly walked to the open Red Keep and simply fell forward.

12. Margery Tyrell – Season 6 “The Winds of Winter”

We weren’t ready for Margery to go. Yes, she craved power and status, (she was engaged or married to three different “kings”), but she was also kind and wanted to be a good queen. That just wouldn’t do for the evil Cersei. Margery, along with most of her family died in the Sept with wildfire. No one saw it coming, and even after she was gone, we didn’t believe it fully. “The Winds of Winter” was a bloodbath, and unfortunately for us, Margery was a casualty.

11. Olenna Tyrell – Season 7 “The Queen’s Justice”

One of the best old broads on T.V.! Olenna had quite the resume, she helped her granddaughter marry two different kings, and she helped kill Joffrey. And after her entire family was killed in the Sept by Cersei, she was out for blood, making alliances with Dany and the Sand Snakes. But when Jamie and his army took Highgarden, she knew her death was imminent. She’d die with dignity, but not before delivering one final blow: she was responsible for Joffrey’s Game of Thrones death. And now, House Tyrell was extinct. They were too good for this world!